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Wow, it’s been over 20 years now that we have been working with you for the processing of our medical record requests. Karen, your representative is always a pleasure to work with. She processes our requests efficiently and finishes up without disruption to our office. We have also found that working with your home office staff is a true pleasure. Your service saves us valuable staff time and helps to assure that we are compliant. Thank you for your service, it is a big help to our office.

Terry Melesky
Assistant Practice Manager
Orthopaedic Institute of Central Jersey

Thank you, thank you! You have saved us much staff time and worry about compliance. Your staff is courteous and absolutely great to deal with. We would recommend you any time.

Dr. Uthappa
Mid Jersey Medical Associates

Too often employees are not given enough credit for a job well done. Your company as a whole is always a pleasure to work with. The work is always consistent and done in a timely manner.

Your service helps to ensure that we are compliant with the changing regulations regarding copying medical records for the many requestors we have. You provide a savings in both physical time to process and handling status calls from requestors. Your service frees up our staff so that we can dedicate more time to patient care.

Thank you for your service. We look forward to continuing this relationship as it is a big help to our offices.

Ellen Walter
Practice Administrator
Medical Associates of Marlboro

Med Request Solutions provides two services to Monmouth Cardiology Associates. Your "Release of Information" service is a "no brainer." You expedite our legal and medical requests in a fast and efficient manner, thereby freeing our employees of these tasks. Your Release of information service is no charge to us because you bill the requestor. We save on staff time and are able to use our people in other needed areas.

The Second service you provide is the "scanning of information documentation" to our EMR. This is also very efficient and helps to keep our EMP current. Each time I have checked the task list, I have found that it is up-to-date. We have found your representatives to be very personable. We feel as though they are a part of our staff and we truly appreciate that.

Caroline Brown, CRAT
Director of Operations
Monmouth Cardiology Associates, LLC

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